Our Manufactures


All our products are manufactured by GIA Yachting in compliance with the European standards and with certificates being designed in style that would fit your boat together with the mutual works of our engineers and designers.

GIA Yachting has adopted an approach of keeping itself updated and renewing in light of the new technologies for its products by following the innovations and continuing itself constantly with the dynamic concept it shows in its products and services. Because of our approach always looking of the better GIA Yachting develops new products and new solutions every year for you.

We offer our Marine equipments that contain all these specifications together to you by combining them with our reasonable price policy

DEPO MARİN, is the only authorized dealer of H2Ocean Watermaker, G-Lift Collapsible Crane System, G-Led Marine Lighting, G-Hatch Built-in Deck Coversve G-Ate Door Systems products in domestic and foreign!